Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Allen Gaskins and I have been relic hunting and collecting Civil War relics since 1972. I have been buying and selling relics at shows and on eBay for many years. I have 100% feedback with about 1,600 sales on eBay. My interest in the War Between the States began in 1961 when I was still a schoolboy. Assigned to write two book reports, I set out to find the two shortest books available in the New Bern High School library. I found the books, one on Robert E. Lee and the other on Ulysses S. Grant. Those two thin books led to a life-long interest in the Civil War and its relics. In 1972 I discovered metal detecting and since then I have hunted every week of my life. Wilmington, NC, is my favorite area to dig, but over the years I have hunted private property on Carolina Beach, the Cape Fear region, and New Bern battlefield. I have been able to maintain a good inventory from digging pals, shows and the Internet. I am always searching for relics in fine condition and my catalogue is constantly being updated. Feel free to contact me with questions or special requests. I hope you enjoy my site and make many return visits. Thank you.

THANKS FOR JOINING ME ON THIS WEBSITE If I have made a mistake in the description or use of an item, please feel free to correct me I am constantly learning If you ever make a purchase that you are not happy with please e-mail me Allen Gaskins at sales@nccivilwarrelics.com (or call me at 252-671-7770 6 am to 8 pm any day) If we make a mistake we will correct it. You will not be ignored!

There are many shipping options available. If you would like to discuss shipping or talk prices feel free to call 252-671-7770 or email me. I will try to work with you if I can.